Pigment Correction

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Pigment Correction

Pigment Correction services offered in Great Falls, MT

Pigment correction focuses on removing age spots and other blotches of skin pigmentation. At Signature Med Spa, the team of aesthetic care experts uses the state-of-the-art Harmony XL PRO® system to painlessly enhance skin appearance and give you the clear skin you desire. Call the Great Falls, Montana, office or use the online scheduler to make your appointment now. 

Pigment Correction Q&A

What is pigment correction?

Pigment correction is treatment to reduce or eliminate unwanted blotches of skin pigment (melanin) using light energy. Signature Med Spa uses the industry-leading Harmony XL PRO® system to safely and noninvasively target unwanted pigment such as age spots, sun spots, freckles, and melasma. 

Pigment correction is safe and effective for any skin tone or type. The treatment takes only about 30 minutes in the office. 

How does pigment correction work?

Your Signature Med Spa provider uses the Dye-VL PRO handpiece, gliding it over your pigmented areas. A narrow-band laser (the ClearLift laser) within the Harmony XL PRO® system delivers consistent light pulses to the unwanted pigment. 


The narrow band targets only the pigment so it doesn’t have adverse effects on your healthy skin nearby and doesn’t disrupt the top layer of your skin. 


The melanin absorbs the light, which breaks it down into microscopic pieces. You’ll flush the pigment particles out of your body through normal lymphatic processes over the weeks ahead. 


In addition, the laser stimulates your body’s cellular renewal and collagen growth processes, which gives you younger and tighter skin. 


The pigment correction process is painless. You might feel a little warmth, but there’s no numbing required and you can return to your regular activities immediately. 


What areas does pigment correction treat?


The most popular treatment area is the face, but the sun and aging process can take their toll on other parts of your body too. 


For example, many people dislike age or sun spots on their hands, chest, neck, or shoulders. The Harmony XL PRO system is safe and effective for pigment correction in any of these areas. 

What happens after pigment correction treatment?


After your pigment correction treatments, you’ll experience temporary pigment darkening for up to a week. After that, the pigment grows lighter and lighter, and usually vanishes completely in time. 


Most patients need a series of three or four pigment correction sessions, about one month apart, for ideal results.


If you want smooth clear skin instead of discolored blotches, pigment correction treatments at Signature Med Spa can give you great results with no downtime. Call the office or click on the provided scheduling link to arrange your consultation now.